Wexford Sand Direct - MSK Silversands Ltd.

Building Sand - Suppliers of sand across Ireland

At Wexford Sand Direct we are customer focused and strive to meet the customer's specific needs. Our customers receive personal service and a consistent product that they can count on every day, and that, really is what counts in ANY building project.

Wexford Sand Direct has a speciality building sand division to cater to industrial building needs as well as smaller projects for the small business or home owner.

Call Michael to get a quote now on 087 288 7016 or contact our sales office on msksilversands@gmail.com

Some of products include:

  • Blocklaying Sand
  • Play Sand
  • Grout materials
  • Plastering Sand
  • White Plastering Sand
  • Dry Sand
  • Screened Soil
  • Horticultural grit

Wexford Sand Direct produces a variety of dried sands for many industrial uses. The Sand is extracted from our mines located in Wexford. Our technical process ensures that all specifications are met. First the sand is washed to remove impurities. The sand is then carefully washed through a secondary process to further clean and size the material, while removing deleterious material. The sand is then dried, screened and separated into various particle sizes to meet certain specifications.

From Play Sand to Grout materials, Flooring Compounds to Stucco, Roofing Shingles to Skid Resistant Surfaces, Wexford Sand Direct can produce a material that will meet your needs. Whether you need coarse sand or fine sand, we can provide you with a consistent, quality product.